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Indulgence thick liquid bubble bath

Indulgence thick liquid bubble bath

Bubble bath recipe

Lori Quail



Distilled water

SCS- Sodium coco Sulfate

SCI- Sodium cocoyl Isethionate

Coco Betaine

Poly 80


Fragrance/colorant/preservative of choice


Phase 1

6 oz distilled water

1 oz SCI Sodium cocoyl Isethionate

1 oz Glycerin

4 oz Coco betaine

Put the 6 oz water in a small pot, cover and bring to rolling boil.  Reduce heat and add in SCI noodles.  DO NOT STIR and leave cover off.  When the noodles have melted and become clear, you can then stir gently.  I prefer to use a chopstick to stir.  Once the mixture is clear and all SCI is melted remove from heat and add the glycerin and stir, then add the Coco Betaine. I stir the last two ingredients in with a mini spatula.   You will notice once adding the Coco Betaine the mixture becomes thick and gelatin like.

NOTE:  About an oz of water will boil off of both phases 1 and 2.


Phase 2

6 oz distilled water

1 oz SCS-  Sodium Coco Sulfate

At the same time you are making Phase 1 you can make phase 2.  Follow exact instructions for phase 1 but add the SCS to this pot and eliminate the Coco Betaine and glycerin.


Phase 3

1 oz Fragrance oil

0.5 oz Poly 80

Blend these two together and stir, set aside.


Now blend phase 1 and 2 together and add phase 3.   Stir them together and blend well but hand stir.

This recipe gives me about 14oz of bubble bath with a ph of 5.5 making no adjustments to the ph.

At this point, weigh your bubble bath and add preservative of choice following the preservatives guidelines for usage.



Comments (9)

  1. Avatar

    Hi! What colorants would you suggest using in this recipe? Thanks!

    Naseerah J Hutcherson
    Aug 19, 2019 Reply
    • Avatar

      I would base the color on the fragrance you are using with it. You can use either micas, lakes or dyes. The dye will give color to the water. All will work although the mica will give it a shimmer effect.

      Aug 19, 2019 Reply
      • Avatar

        Thank you! I’m having some trouble. I actually purchased SCI powder instead of noodles. When I tried to dissolve it in the water, it melted some but there were still some that just refused to dissolve. Any suggestions?

        Naseerah Hutcherson
        Aug 21, 2019 Reply
        • Avatar

          I have also had a harder time melting powdered form SCI which is why I prefer the noodles. They can easily be ground down when needed. I find the noodles dissolve best in a water that has first come to a hard rolling boil. I remove the water from direct heat at that point and add the noodles, put them back on the heat, and reduce. I dont stir since they do fall to the bottom as noodles. Maybe you can pre soak the powder to get it wet before adding by making a paste out of it. That might make it easier to dissolve. Stick with the noodles on a future purchase. I hope that helps.

          Aug 22, 2019 Reply
          • Avatar

            Thank you!

            Naseerah Hutcherson
            Aug 22, 2019
  2. Avatar

    BEST BUBBLE BATH EVER!! Thank you for this recipe. It is amazing bubble bath. Mountains of long lasting, fluffy bubbles and your skin feels lovely after using it. A small amount goes a long way so it’s also economical! The only question I have is how could I thicken it up just a touch? I want to make a honey bubble bath drizzle so I’d like it to be a little bit thicker. Thanks so much.

    Christy Moss
    Aug 25, 2019 Reply
    • Avatar

      You could try upping the SCS and SCI .25 percent each and the glycerin .5 to 1 oz, or you could reduce the water by about an oz. I have had issues with thinning when I add any colorants to it. I usually leave it uncolored because it gets such a beautiful pearlescent sheen to it.

      Aug 26, 2019 Reply
  3. Avatar

    Hi, can I use SLSA instead of SCS?

    Sep 1, 2019 Reply
    • Avatar

      I have never tried it. You probably can but the ph will probably change so you may need to adjust it.

      Sep 1, 2019 Reply

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