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Oils & Butters

We carry quality oils for skin care products and soap making. We have listed the comedogenic ratings of the oils with the descriptions to help you in formulating your skin care products. The more comedogenic the oil the more likely it is to clog pores. Please refer to the chart below when selecting your oils for your custom formulations. Rating of 0 = Won’t clog pores at all Rating of 1 = Low risk of clogging pores Rating of 2 = moderately low chance of clogging pores Rating of 3 = Moderate chance of clogging of pores Rating of 4 = fairly high chance of clogging pores Rating of 5 = High chance of clogging pores The above chart does not mean that you can’t use a specific oil or butter because of its rating, it is just a guideline. Each of us has different skin and tolerance levels.

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