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Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay


Bentonite clay also known as living clay.  A powerful drawing clay that pulls oils and other toxins from the skin and internally.

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Bentonite clay is also known as a living clay because it has the ability to change.   It absorbs like no other clay.  It is used both internally and externally and acts like a magnet.  Bentonite clay in dry form is negatively charged.   When Bentonite clay comes in contact with liquid it transforms itself and becomes positively charged.  Once charged it attaches to any toxins, bacteria, impurities, fungus, etc..  as they are negatively charged.  This binds the toxin to the clay and removes it from the body.

Bentonite clay acts exactly like a sponge.  A dry hard substance.  If you wipe the counter with that sponge not much happens.  When you wet the sponge, it now picks up the crumbs and dirt on the counter.  The sponge would also be much larger wet than dry making the crumbs stick to the sponge until you rinse them off.  Bentonite clay functions in exactly the same way.

It can be mixed into a drink and used as an internal cleanse.  The digestive process then removes the toxins that are attached to the clay.

Bentonite clay,  unlike Kaolin acts as a drawing clay pulling oils, black heads and blemishes from the skin.  If your skin is oily this is the clay for you!  Bentonite clay is wonderful in facial masks and also acts as a detox, drawing impurities from the skin.

Bentonite clay works to eliminate odors, therefore it is often used in home made deodorants and toothpastes.

It is also commonly used in dental offices when polishing due to its mild abrasiveness. Using this clay occasionally while brushing your teeth can help with tender gums as well as odors caused by bacteria.  An abundant amount of minerals are also found in Bentonite clay and it also has alkalizing properties when ingested.  It has been used to treat infected wounds and also to protect and prevent diaper rash.

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