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French Green Clay


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French green clay is the most commonly used clay for facial masks due to its gentle cleansing and detoxifying abilities.  It is also called Illite clay and Sea clay.

Like Bentonite, this clay is a negatively charged clay that becomes positive once mixed with a liquid.  It can also be taken both internally and externally.   One of the differences is that french green clay does not expand like Bentonite clay does.

This clay is comprised of iron oxide and decomposed plant materials, although it has a host of minerals also.

Green clay is found in France, where it gets its name. At one time France was the only place that mined it.  Today it is found in many places throughout the world, including the USA.

This clay not only has oil pulling and exfoliating abilities, it also increases circulation by pulling blood to the surface.  The toning properties help to shrink and tighten pores reducing them in size and appearance.  Whats not to like about that!

Many people make hair masks with French green clay.  Whatever products you create french green clay is a detox work horse, yet still gentle.

Making soap with this clay also gives a nice glide and a hint of natural color.  When using in soap the clay should be mixed with water until it is fully saturated before adding to the soap mixture.


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