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Himalayan Sea salt

Himalayan Sea salt

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Himalayan  Sea Salt, extra fine grain food grade salt.  One of the most mineral rich salts, boasting 84 skin-replenishing minerals that are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level. Considered the purest salt on earth. Formed millions of years ago when the Himalayan mountains were formed by earth shifting due to tectonic shifting.  The ancient Jurassic sea has been shifted over time and the one time sea bed now lies high up in the Himalayan mountains where this salt is mined.

Himalayan Sea salt provides essential minerals, trace elements, balances electrolytes, supports proper nutrient absorption, eliminates toxins, balances the body’s pH, and increases circulation.  Although it tastes salty is has less sodium than regular table salt.

We love this beautiful pink salt for all of its minerals and uses.  Because this salt is fine grain it can be used in scrubs, toners,  soap making, bath salts and soaks.  It is also quite nice for a pedi soak to relieve tired, achy feet.  Dissolving the salt in water it changes the ions, making it more readily available and easily absorbed.  This means that it gets into the pores of the skin and cleanses deep within.  In addition, since salt is hydroscopic so it actually draws water to it from within the body.  Since the fluids we drink make their way to the skin last, think of salt as a little boost for the fluids to get to the top skin layers.  Salt is also a natural antiseptic so when I think about it why are more people not using this for both culinary and skin care uses ?

Maybe they are unaware of the awesome benefits of certain salts, pink salt being one of them .   Next time you are thinking about taking a nice relaxing bath, toss in some salts.  Adding fragrances, herbs, butters and all sorts of things can make a truly decedent bath.



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