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Rhassoul Clay (AKA Moroccan Red Clay)

Rhassoul Clay (AKA Moroccan Red Clay)


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Rhassoul clay has been used for centuries.  It is thought to improve skin texture,  tone,  elasticity and clarity.  It is a drawing clay because it is has a negative charge and most of the toxins beneath the skin have a positive charge.  It is also said to have a warming effect on arthritic joints.

Unusually high in silica and magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium  this clay is also power packed with minerals.

Rhassoul is very fine, a luxurious,  silky  texture.  Known as an extractor, this clay will pull sebum from around follicles as well as sebum plugs and draw them out.  It also works the same way on black heads.

Cosmetically speaking, Rhassoul clay is widely used for mineral makeups, colorants, masks, and scrubs.  A facial cleanser made with the clay and water can be used in place of soap or face wash.

Hair is also a benefactor from the use of Rhassoul.  Some of the many ways to use it on hair are as a shampoo to absorb oil. You make a hair mask by adding water to the clay and disperse through the hair like you would shampoo. It gives hair shine and volume.

For shine it is mixed with Argan oil and applied for a few minutes prior to washing like a hot oil treatment. As a volumizer, it can be used in shampoo or shampoo bars.  It is noted that those with chemically treated hair may experience tarnishing or color change due to the minerals so test in a small area first.  Make sure to keep hair hydrated when using this in shampoo so it does not dry your hair out.   It is also reported to eliminate dandruff.

When Rhassoul is included in a poultice, it is said to give relief to those with arthritis by creating a warming effect and reducing inflammation.

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