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New Products

Thank you for visiting our new products page.

At American Soap Supplies, we introduce new products on a regular basis. Here you will find out about new products we have introduced and new products that we are working on developing.

We make those announcements on this page, and provide a links to the products where you can find out more about them, pricing and how to order.

Come back often , as we introduce new products regularly.

A Unicorns World Fragrance oil

This is a fantastic new fragrance that we just introduced.  It is a complex blend of sweet candies, sugar plum, sugar cookies and a slight hint of powder.   https://americansoapsupplies.com/product/aunicornsworld/

25:43 Lush Dupe Fragrance Oil

25:43 a popular lush dupe, is  a combination of lemongrass, lime and orange with cotton candy and warm vanilla to sweeten the mix, followed by a musk and tonka base. https://americansoapsupplies.com/product/2543-lush-dupe/

29 High Lush Dupe Fragrance Oil

29 High, a popular lush dupe, is  absolutely lovely.  A floral-fruity scent mixes with exceptionally sweet scents and nuances of leaves and greenery. Smooth caramel and sweet honey blend together to enhance and complete this fragrance.  https://americansoapsupplies.com/product/29-high/

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, also known as baby foam and SCI, is a very gentle surfactant used for making bubble baths, as well as bath bombs and shampoo bars.  It is a surfactant that is incredibly mild and gentle and often used in baby products. It is made from coconut fatty acids.

While Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is very mild and gentle on the skin it does not lack in its foaming abilities.  It has a ph between 5-6.5 in water, making it a perfect choice for both hair and skin care products.  The ph also contributes to its ability to be an amazing foaming agent without being drying to skin or hair. SCI also works well in both hard and soft waters.  It imparts a conditioning feel to skin and hair.

Chai Tea Fragrance oil

Chai Tea is an exotic creamy, spiced tea, with a spicy clove/cinnamon and nutmeg top-note, a delicate green tea and ginger middle-note, with a creamy, sugary, milky-vanilla base-note.  This fragrance oil initially fades and comes back just as strong as it was in the bottle a few days later.  Chai Tea is lovely all year but makes an exceptional fall winter fragrance.  It is a very strong scent so not much is needed.  Chai Tea would be amazing in candle or wax melts during the fall winter season and also excellent to blend with other fragrances.  https://americansoapsupplies.com/product/chai-tea/