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Body Spritz


As with all cosmetic and bath and body products, proper sterilization and good manufacturing practices should be followed.

11 oz distilled water

4 oz witch hazel

1/2 ounce Polysorbate 80  https://americansoapsupplies.com/product/polysorbate-80/

2-4 teaspoons fragrance oil or essential oil

1 teaspoon liquid glycerinhttps://americansoapsupplies.com/product/vegetable-glycerin/

Preservative of choice


Mix Poly 80 and fragrance together and put aside.

Combine Distilled water, witch hazel and glycerin, and mix.  Add fragrance/poly 80 and mix again.

Add preservative of choice using preservative guidelines

Package product.

Recipe yields 16 oz finished product